Integrity of Creation Conference: Climate Resiliency: Collaboration, Adaptation, and Action

Climate Resiliency: Collaboration, Adaptation, and Action

April 4-5, 2022, Duquesne University | Power Center

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This year's conference will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit in the United States - this annual conference celebrates the Spiritan mission of Duquesne University.

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The Seventh Annual Presidential Conference on the Integrity of Creation

This seventh conference focuses on the topic of Climate Resiliency: Collaboration, Adaptation, and Action, to discuss pivotal issues regarding safeguarding our planet. The interdisciplinary conference invites participants from different disciplines to engage each other in civil discourse on a different topic each year. The format of the conference includes Workshops, Presentations, and Posters (see the Conference Schedule when posted).

The conference series was commissioned by former President Charles J. Dougherty as an endowed academic event. The current University President, Ken Gormley, continues to inspire excellence in support of the Spiritan mission as the conference series develops. 

The conference has three goals:

1. To provide a scholarly opportunity to engage established and emerging research on the conference topic

2. To foster interdisciplinary discourse on each topic, such as among science, health, philosophy, religion, and policy

3. To enlighten public awareness and discussion of the conference topic