Breakout Sessions: Thursday, Oct. 1, 10:30-11:25

Power Center, Section A

Moderator: Dr. Clifford Bob, Duquesne University

Power Center, Main Room

Moderator: Dr. Daniel Scheid, Duquesne University

J. Stolz., Duquesne University (Science/Environment)

Climate Change and the Gaia Hypothesis

J. Kamweri, Uganda Martyrs University (Ethics)

Stewards of the Natural Environment. A Role for the Association of Religious in Uganda ... 

N. Donahue, Carnegie Mellon University (Science)

How Climate Change and Air Quality are Interconnected in the Developing World

K. Weare, University of San Francisco (Theology)

Climate Change Ecology: Catholic Moral Reflections

A. Small, Cornell University (Theology) 

A New Moral Climate: What Pope Francis' Eco-encyclical Implies for Admissible Climate Policy