Breakout Sessions: Thursday, Oct. 1, 2:30-3:25

Power Center, Section A
Moderator: Prof. Jane Moriarty, Duquesne University
Power Center, Main Room
Moderator: Dr. John Stolz, Duquesne University

H. Manich, Manich Strategic, Inc. (Energy)

Mitigating Climate Change: Execution of Energy Infrastructure Projects in the Developing World

P. Teahen, L. L. Levers, V. Tarvydas (Social Science)

Disaster, Climate Change, and Public Health. Building Social-Ecological Resilience

R. Sroufe, Duquesne University (Business/Sustainability)

Operationalizing Organizational Sustainability and Integrity of Creation

S. Gamper-Rabindran, University of Pittsburgh (Public and International Affairs/Economics)

Economic benefits from the transition to a lower carbon economy.