Papers and Posters


A New Moral Climate: What Pope Francis' Eco­encyclical Implies for Admissible Climate Policy (Arthur Small, Cornell University)

Climate Change and the Gaia Hypothesis (John F. Stolz, Duquesne University)

Climate Change Ecology: Catholic Moral Reflections (Kenneth M. Weare, University of San Francisco)

Disaster, Climate Change, and Public Health: Building Social-Ecological Resilience (Peter R. Teahen, International Mass Fatalities Center; Vilia Tarvydas, University of Iowa; Lisa Lopez Levers, Duquesne University)

Economic benefits from the transition to a lower carbon economy (Shanti Gamper-Rabindran, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, and Dept of Economics, University of Pittsburgh)

Gift and Fiesta: Two Ways from the Hispanic Latino/a Perspective to Combat Climate Change (Nelson Araque, Barry University)

How Climate Change and Air Quality are Interconnected in the Developing World (Neil M. Donahue, Carnegie Mellon University)

How Communities Are Preparing for Impacts from Sea-Level Rise (Jessica C. Grannis, Georgetown University)

Mitigating Climate Change: Execution of Energy Infrastructure Projects in the Developing World (Helen Manich, Manich Strategic, Inc.)

Operationalizing Organizational Sustainability and Integrity of Creation (Robert Sroufe, Duquesne University)

Organizational Understanding of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's 'Unfinished Business' (Kelly A. Stevens, Syracuse University)

Rethinking the Social Role of Universities in Response to the Climate Emergency (Richard W. Miller, Creighton University)

Sam's (Not So) Perfect World: Creation Justice and Eco-Social Disability (Lisa Nichols Hickman, Duquesne University)

Stewards of the Natural Environment Resources: A Role for the Association of Religious in Uganda(ARU) in Sustaining Uganda's Natural Environment Resources (Fr. John Mary Mooka Kamweri, Uganda Martyrs University)

The EPA's Clean Power Plan and Its Effects on Southwestern Pennsylvania (Hillary Cox, Duquesne University)


An Orientalist View to Anthropocentrism in Terms of Environmental Awareness (Eray Serdar Yurdakul; Nuray Güneş; Mesut Ersoy, Gülhane Military Medical Faculty)

Christian Activism in Response to Climate Change: A Literature Review (Theodore Bergfelt; Allison B. Brungard; David A. Nolfi, Duquesne University)

Climate Change as a Function of Food Law: The Regulation of Planetary Boundaries (Gabriela Steier, Duquesne University)

Climate Change Denial: Evangelical Skepticism and Disbelief (Steven A. Perry, Duquesne University)

Environmental Attitudes of the Student Mind (Natalie Campbell, Duquesne University)

Ethical Concerns about Climate Change Effects on Genetic Predictability Precision (Christine Skrzat, Duquesne University)

Examining the Ethical Aspects of Climate Change in the UNESCO Model Framework (Barbara A. Postol, Duquesne University)

Shrewd as Serpents and Simple as Doves: Patriarch Bartholomew's Green Apocalypse (Kevin Mongrain, Duquesne University)

Terminology of Creation in Avicenna's Metaphysics (Nuray Güneş; Şefika Karabulut Aytemur; Eray Serdar Yurdakul, Gülhane Military Medical Faculty)

The Effects of Climate Change on Water Insecurity in Botswana: Links to the Criminal Justice System (Mogakolodi Nelson Boikanyo, University of Botswana; Lisa Lopez Levers, Duquesne University)

The Ethical Issue of Climate Change Established in the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (Jordan Potter, Duquesne University)

The Ethical Justification for Preparedness and Resource Allocation Plans in Anticipation of Predicted Increases in Disease Outbreaks Due to Climate Change (Sarah Stockey, Duquesne University)

The Implementation of Stewardship of Creation in Global Bioethics (Joris Gielen, Duquesne University)