How Communities Are Preparing for Impacts from Sea-Level Rise

Jessica C. Grannis, Georgetown University

Jessica Grannis will discuss how sea-level rise is affecting coastal communities around the country and the ways that communities are responding to these threats.

Coastal communities in the US have experienced, on average, one-foot of sea-level rise in the last century, and communities may see up to six additional feet in the next century. This will have tremendous impacts on coastal resource-beaches and wetlands will be inundated and lost. And coastal communities, economies and residents will face increasing impacts from daily nuisance flooding to devastating flooding during extreme storms. States and communities across the country, however, are responding to these threats in proactive and innovative ways to both preserve and enhance ecosystems while also protecting people and property.

Grannis will provide examples of ways that states and communities are adapting laws and policies to promote natural approaches to reducing flood risks, to relocate whole communities out of harm's way, and to rebuild with resilience in the aftermath of a disaster.