Mitigating Climate Change: Execution of Energy Infrastructure Projects in the Developing World

Helen Manich, Manich Strategic, Inc.

To mitigate climate change, it is vital to establish large scale alternate energy production as the foundation of economic growth in the developing world.

The execution of energy infrastructure projects in the developing world requires innovation and creativity which go beyond the science. Crossing the chasm of building these projects also requires:

  • maintaining existing social communities
  • bridging international financing standards with a financeable project structure
  • meeting the international standards of development banks (Inter-American Development Bank - IADB; UNOPS) for financing, environment and anti-corruption
  • working in countries where the interests of the existing elite is at cross purposes with economic growth for the people.

Manich will present her experience with the development of infrastructure size Jatropha Agriculture Biofuel project development and Waste to Energy in the Developing World, the challenges, innovations and desired outcomes.

Project studies drawn from IADB, in-country Energy Ministries, and Manich Strategic will include a review of the three year pre-project development, the extensive problem definition of deploying such projects, and the innovation, creativity and long relationship building in-country required for such an extensive project.

Mitigating climate change requires we address the challenges of existing societal and business interests - whose vested interests lie with maintaining the status quo and who see change from fossil fuel established enterprises and growth of alternative energy as a threat.