2022 Online Poster Display

Abbot, Isabella, Burik, Olivia, Klein, Nocholas, Climate Change Natural Disasters and their Effect on Homelessness.

Adamik, Hailey, Causes and Impacts of Coral Bleaching and Future Conservation Outlooks

Addison, Ciercierski, Global Sea Levels Rising

Aidan, Sebastian, Cali Wildfires

Agostaro, Gabriella, The Resiliency of Gene Editing Therapy for Psychological Conditions: A Sustainable Approach to Reduce Suffering Through Therapeutic Interventions

Amalfetano, Nate, University Students and Climate Resiliency

Angell, Christoffer, The Ethical Dilemmas of Global Warming and its Mitigation Strategies

Arbelli-Smith, Alyssa, Applying What Learn from Nature to Nature

Bader, Lauren; Baker, Maya; Criscito, Michael; Smith, Chyann, Greenwashing and Consumerism

Baeta, Joshua, Let there be Rain

Ballantyne, Elizabeth, Nature Deficit Disorder

Barren III, David, Pittsburgh's Water Governance

Battle, Lei'asha, Red Tide

Beals, Lindsey, Nature and I are One

Bigstaff, Jamal, Air Pollution in Pittsburgh

Brazil, Anna, Can Where You Live Affect How Greatly You Are Affected by Climate Change

Bucenec, Colin, Children and Nature

Cabacungan, Renne, The Universe is Within Us: Our Responsibility for the Wellbeing of the Planet

Carr, Addison; Farbo, Mackenzie; Gallo, Dominic; Goff Trey; Havranek, Kaitlyn, Overfishing

Carroll, McKenna, Our Climate Responsibility

Cawley, Hannah and Baxter, Dylan, CA Wildfires

Ceballos, Veronica, Protecting Marine Wildlife

Celestin, Hervinah, Reducing Single Use Plastics

Cherner, Marshall, How Climate Change Hits Closer to Home than you Think

Christian, Bernard, Wangari Maathai & The Green Belt Movement

Clark, Justin, Kentucky Tornadoes

Colangeli, Alisha, Canadian Artic Climate Change vs Indigenous Peoples Adaptations

Coleman Amiya, Relatedness with Non-Human Nature as a Basic Psychological Need

Conte, Christina, Power Plants are Polluting the Environment

Courtney, Anna, Calandra, A, and Paolillo, N, Culture Capitalism

Cromer, Isabelle, River Quest

Da, Jayden, Forest Tree Pittsburgh

Dangel, Lauren, Global Challenges and Solutions for Malaria during Climate Change

Daniel, Glory, Capitalism and Climate Change

Datte, Tessa, Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

DeJames, Brianna, Your Diet and It's Affect on Climate Change

D'Elia, Steve, Sweden Green Kings

Demarco, Allison, Does Your Race Determine How Affected You Are by Climate Change

Denton Jajkowski, Transportation and the Climate

Devin, Jackson, Tribal Nations and Climate

Dieter, Rebecca, Good Neighbor

Difrank, Annie and Aymar, Paige, Adaption v Mitigation

Diltz, Elizabeth and Turnacioglu, Lauren, The Effects of Climate Change on Rainfall and Its Consequences

Donati, Kendall, Heat and Climate Change - Seniors are at risk

Dyer, Scott, The Resiliency of Genetic Testing

Easterling, Quan, Gtech

Ebenhoch, Isabelle, Our Connection with the Universe

Eidemueller, Aidan, Electric Cars and Why We Need More

Epps, Antonio, Climate Resiliency in the World

Farbo, Mckenzie, The Transpersonal Self

Ferek, Courtney, Animal Experimentation and the Environment

Fiore, Delaney, Closure and the Green Burial Movement

Firek, Julianna and Wagner, Wesley, The Threat of Climate Change on Clean Drinking Water

Fodor, Jackson, Recycle Plastic Bottles

Foroutan, Cyrus, The Effects of Nature on Health

Fragassi, Anthony, Nature is Divine

Fritch, Austin, Climate Resiliency Collaboration, Adaptation, and Action

Gaitens, Carson, How You Can Save Our Planet

Gallagher, Katlynn, Cracker Plant in Beaver PA Effect on the Environment

Gallo, Dominic, Conscious Direct Contact

Gallo, Miah, Technology to Combat Climate Change

Campbell, Te'Coya, Walking To Reduce Emission

Garnes, Ayden, Water Pollution and Democracy

Gartland, Anna, Fossil Fuels

Gittins, Christopher, What Happens When Boundaries Between Us and Nature Dissolve

Godwin, Olivia, Viewing the Universe as a Green Dragon

Goodhew, Ryan, Communitopia Presentation

Green, Jakobie, Climate Resiliency

Hamilton, Jenna and Kmidowski, Shelby, The Cause and Effects of Glacial Melting in the Grand Tetons

Hanson, Henry, Earth Needs Your Help

Harte, Mora, Fast Fashion's Environmental Impact

Heisey, Jordan, The Ethical Justification of Building Resilience Infrastructure

Helfrich, Brianne, The Resiliency of Embryo Interventions to Resolve Serious Genetic Disease

Hima, Abdoul Mounir, Group Against Smog and Pollution

Hlavsa, Shaun, Climate Change and Threats to Panda Conservation

Ishwardas, Liz, The Four Tasks of Ecopsychology

Jackson-Karafa, Devin, Tribal Nations and Climate

Johansson, Ava, Anthropocentrism in Today's Age

Johnson, Jackie, Allegheny Land Trust

Junior, Fayla, An Evolving Climate-The Ethical Analysis of Genetics, Designer Wombs, and IVF Resiliency

Jurczyk, Samantha, Why Saving Nature Saves Us Too

Kahl, Mary Kate, Advancing Alternative Energy Sources Solar Panels


Karl, Alexys and Thompson, Jessica, The Effects of Climate Change on Cereal Crops

Kim, Roxanne, Eco-psychological Separatism

Kolson, Amanda, Anxiety and Climate Change

Kotecki, Derek, What is Your Place in the Universe?

Kottler, Taylor, The Right to an Environment Free of Toxins

Lang, Amanda, Resiliency in Prenatal Genetic Testing (PGT)

Le Ber, Rose, Neal Nature, Heal Humanity

Leo, James, How New Jersey Farmers are Keeping Their Farms Alive

Ludwick, Alex, Island Tribes and Climate Change

Magnani, Matt, Sustainable Pittsburgh

Maguire, Kelly, California Droughts and Climate Change

Malozi, Francesca, Ditch Public Transportation, Walk More!

Manfre, Joe, Life's Last Hope

Manley, Bryce, Commercial Fishing and Climate Change

Manley, Bryce, Meat Industry and Climate Change

Massari, Kayla and Haberstock, Isabella, Wastewater Management

McBride, Kaitlyn, The United States,A Throw Away Society

McNamee, Abby and Marini, Ashton, Rising Sea Levels and Water Infrastructure

Metz, Alijah, Tesla and Climate Resiliency

Miller, Delanie, Climate Impact on Cotton Production

Minicozzi, Jason, No Human is Illegal-The Study of Hostile Architecture and Gentrification in Pittsburgh

Moksnes, Jesper, Clean Water ACtion

Molinaro, Alex, Technical Progress and the Environment

Morales, Xavier, Vehicle Pollution

Muchacho, Manuel, Cherokee People and Climate

Murphy, Alexa, Do You Think Climate Change is Real?

Nackrelli, Nick, Air Quality Since Covid

Nguyen, Savannah and Picariello, Maeve, Sustainable Actions to Improve Climate Resiliency in the Agricultural Industry

Palmieri, Alyssa, Three River Water-nonprofit

Paolillo, Nicole, Finding the Truth

Passieu, Kylie, Decline in Climate Resilience of European Wheat

Paul, Zoe, Ocean Pollution

Plude, Kate, Fumigated Fields and How it Causes Climate Change

Potock, Matt and Katsafanas, Jacob, The Amazon Timber Trade

Rebel, Jake, Air Pollution Through Pittsburgh

Reedy, Julia, Baxter and Pelletier's Basic Need for Nature Relatedness

Rees, Elizabeth, Climate Resilience_Collaboration, Adaption, and Action

Reese, Alex, Hill District

Reese, Kalynn, How Climate Change Can Affect Mental Health

Reitter, Hailey, Generational Climate Challenges

Rj, Rebholz, Microplastics affecting the ocean

Rosa, Garrett, Culture and Climate Change

Rosbaugh, Ethan, California Wildfires

Rose, Clara, No Ocean, No Air

Rose, John, Native American Efforts to Combat Climate Change

Roy, Carolina, Dinosaur Extinction and Climate Change

Sabol, Gina, Collective Flourishing

Saltzman, Julia, Adaptations to Climate Change Resilience

Sample, Emily, Sustainable Development and Architecture

Sarpong, Francis, Ecological Resiliency in a Biotechnological Era: Humanity's End or Nature's End

Secaida, Lucia, The Effects of Meat Consumption and Production in the Environment

Sepp, Sylvia, Rising Sea Levels

Seuferer, Nicole and Gibbs, Liam, Pesticide Resiliency The Effect and Control of Pesticides

Sciulli, Ava, Deforestation in the Amazon

Schwaab, Sofia, Germany Climate Change

Sidun, Matt, Car CO2 Emissions and the Polar Ice Caps

Skalos, Maxwell, Poster Paris Agreement

Smith, Brigid, Bike Pgh Poster

Sparber, John, Climate Change and Pollution

Stewart, Brandon, Socio-Cultural Transformation

Stockmal, Grace and Sobol, Erika, Environmental Impacts due to Food Waste in Grocery Stores

Stretch, Andrew, WSLM

Tangretti, Juliana, Amazon Rainforest

Taylor, Ian, Climate Issues as a Result of Power

Thomas, Jake, The Balance of Nature

Tomaszewski, Tyla, Ecofeminism

Toner, Luke, Recycle

Toth, Tara, Earth's Ethical Call

Tranghese, Vincent, Rising Sea Levels

Vahue, Ellie, Flint Michigan Water Crisis

Van Gorder, Allexa, Climate Change Effects on Elders in California

Vause, Will and Farmen, Chistopher, Air Quality in Urban Areas

Velazquez, Jasiya, The Issue with Mickey D's

Vie, Angell Christoffer, Allegheny Sierra Club

Walker, Katelynn, Agricultural Pesticides and Marine Wildlife

Waklastsi, Re'Naye, The Beauty of Subtlety

Wessel, Lauren, Nature Relatedness

Wilder, Kaylie, The Effect of Climate Change on Bee Populations

Winiarski, Madelyn, Climate Resiliency; Collaboration, Adaption, And Action

Wrona, Claudia, Climate Resiliency Solar Canals in California

Yanssens, Jazlyn, Air Pollution in Pittsburgh