2022 Workshop Presentations


- Professor Irwin:

Bader, Lauren; Baker, Maya; Criscito, Michael; Smith, Chyann, Greenwashing and Consumerism

Carr, Addison; Farbo, Mackenzie; Gallo, Dominic; Goff Trey; Havranek, Kaitlyn, Overfishing

- Professor MacMillen:

Courtney, Anna, Calandra, A, and Paolillo, N, Culture Capitalism

Farbo, Mckenzie, The Transpersonal Self

Fiore, Delaney, Closure and the Green Burial Movement

- Professor Schneirov:

Minicozzi, Jason, No Human is Illegal-The Study of Hostile Architecture and Gentrification in Pittsburgh

Vahue, Ellie, Flint Michigan Water Crisis

- Professors Healthcare Ethics:

Agostaro, Gabriella, The Resiliency of Gene Editing Therapy for Psychological Conditions: A Sustainable Approach to Reduce Suffering Through Therapeutic Interventions

Helfrich, Brianne, The Resiliency of Embryo Interventions to Resolve Serious Genetic Disease

Sarpong, Francis, Ecological Resiliency in a Biotechnological Era: Humanity's End or Nature's End