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Call for Proposals

This conference offers participants of all backgrounds a rare opportunity to stand directly at the intersection of community and scholarship to imagine and begin realizing a more fair and equitable juvenile justice system.

Submit Abstract

We are inviting scholars, students, activists, returning citizens, community members and all other stakeholders to present on topics related to juvenile justice. We welcome individual presentation proposals of 15-20 minutes and panel presentation proposals of 2-4 speakers for 60 minutes.
Potential topics include but are not limited to:

  • Adolescent neurological development
  • Disparities in race, gender & other factors
  • Restorative justice and/or diversionary practices
  • Juvenile justice pipelines (e.g. foster care & school to prison pipelines)
  • Structural & systemic considerations in juvenile justice
  • Change, advocacy, & action in juvenile justice
  • Juvenile Justice & the Courts (key cases, differing practices, etc)
  • Cultural, legal, and judicial constructions of "youth", "childhood", and/or "juvenile"
  • Parents, families, and foster care in the juvenile justice system

If you are submitting a research abstract and want or need more information on how to write an abstract, visit Writing an Abstract for Your Research Paper. If you are submitting a panel discussion proposal, include a description of the panel, the intended panelists, and how it relates to juvenile justice. Please contact Sarah Kuehn with any questions, comments, or concerns: