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Dr. Maureen R. O'Brien has worked since 1997 in the Department of Theology at Duquesne University, where she is currently Associate Professor of Theology, Director of Pastoral Ministry, and former Chair of the Department. Previously she served for nine years as Associate Director for Academic Affairs at Boston College's Institute of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry, where she earned her Ph.D. in Theology and Education. She teaches a variety of courses at undergraduate, Master's and Ph.D. levels. She has published numerous articles in areas related to practical theology, religious education and theological reflection for ministry. She has served professionally in several positions in parish ministry.

Dr. O'Brien is a native of southwestern Pennsylvania, and currently lives in the Pittsburgh area with her husband and two sons.


Ph.D., Theology/Education, Boston College, 1990
M.A., Pastoral Ministry, Boston College, 1982
B.A., Theology/English, Univ. of Notre Dame, 1979

Dr. O-Brien teaches at undergraduate, Master's, and Ph.D. levels. She regularly teaches the following courses:

  • UCOR 142, Theological Views of the Person;
  • Theo 230, The Church;
  • Theo 539, Theology of Ministry;
  • Theo 577, Introduction to Catechetics;
  • Theo 579, Catechesis of Adults;
  • Theo 596, Human Development: Theological Perspectives.

Dr. O'Brien also designed an online course on theological reflection in ministry for global mission as part of the Duquesne University program, "Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation" (

  • Association of Graduation Programs in Ministry (President, 2000-01)
  • Association of Practical Theology
  • Catholic Theological Society of America
  • College Theology Society
  • Religious Education Association:Association of Professors, Practitioners and Researchers in Religious Education (President, 2009-10)
  • United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Commission on Certification and Accreditation (Board of Directors 2000-04, Board Chair 2004);

Dr. O'Brien's recent research has focused on the intersections between practical theology, religious education and the theological reflection of ministers, especially Catholic lay ecclesial ministers. This has included qualitative, narrative-based studies using interviews and self-reflection by these ministers. She is currently involved in Emerging from the Vineyard, a two-year funded project with a select group of lay ecclesial ministers through which they engage in online journaling and dialogue, as well as collaborative essay writing. The project will culminate in a published essay collection as well as articles for scholarly journals.

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