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Dr. Madathummuriyil specializes in systematic theology with primary focus in sacramental theology, liturgical studies, theological anthropology and comparative theology. His research interest has been centered on developing a sacramental theology addressing recent developments in phenomenology, Pneumatology and Trinitarian theology. His current research projects include, "A Hindu-Christian Understanding of Sacramentality," "The Scope and Limit of God-talk in Natural and Supernatural Theology," and "Religion and Social Integration: Rethinking Religious Identity in the Diaspora."

He has published articles in peer-reviewed journals such as Studia Liturgica, Question Liturgique/Studies in Liturgy, La Maison Dieu and Indian Theological Studies. His monograph, Sacrament as Gift (2012), presents a postmodern understanding of the sacrament within a pneumatological and phenomenological framework. He has presented academic papers at various conferences nationally and internationally. He has also served as an external reader on doctoral dissertation committees outside Duquesne, including Fordham University in New York and Catholic University in Leuven, Belgium.

He is a member of both the University Senate Assembly and Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center Advisory Board, the committee chairman for the 2019 Holy Spirit Colloquium, and coordinator of the theology department's World Issues Forum in Theology (WIFT).


Ph.D., Theology, Catholic University Leuven, 2008
S.T.D., Theology, Catholic University Leuven, 2008
S.T.L., Theology, Catholic University Leuven, 2004
M.A., Religious Studies, Catholic University Leuven, 2003
B.A., Philosophy, University of Kerala, 1995

Current Courses

  • THEO 677 Postmodern Sacramental Theology (Ph.D. Seminar)
  • THEO 507/607 Sacramentality in Comparative
  • Theology (Ph.D./MA)
  • THEO 538 Theology of the Sacraments (MA/MAPM/MRE)
  • HONR 145 Theology of Inwardness (Honors Theology)
  • UCOR 142W/142 Theological Views of The Person

Past Courses

  • THEO 230 The Church
  • THEO 230 Churches and Cultures (Global Diversity Theme)
  • IHP 142/145 Classical and Contemporary Theology
  • ST 013 Pneumatology and Grace (India)

Sacrament as Gift: A Pneumatological and Phenomenological Approach (Textes et etudes liturgiques / Studies in Liturgy 25; Peeters: Leuven, 2012)


Madathummuriyil, S. (2014). Liturgical 'Reform' in the Syro-Malabar Church: Observations on Context, Culture and Text. Studia Liturgica, 44 (1-2), 96-108.
Madathummuriyil, S. (2013). The Dative Subject of the Sacrament: An East-West Perspective. Studia Liturgica, 43 (1), 111-132.
Madathummuriyil, S. (2013). Being as Dialogue: Exploring Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations in India. Church and Society in Asia Today, 16 (1), 43-55.
Madathummuriyil, S. (2012). Toward Communion: Ecumenical Reflections on the Lutheran-Catholic Agreement on Justification and the Reunion of the Syro-Malankara Church. Doon Theological Journal, 9 (2), 150-177.
Madathummuriyil, S. (2010). Creation as Gift: A Paradigm for a Discourse on Creation. Indian Theological Studies, 47 (2), 121-141.