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Finding Full Text Articles
at Duquesne University

There are several ways to find full text of articles through Duquesne University databases.  A few of these ways are described here briefly.   If you have any problems or further questions, please contact a reference librarian.

Full Text of articles is available to Duquesne students, faculty, and staff in the following ways:

Full Text Direct Links

Some articles on the search results page have direct links to full text in PDF, HTML, or both formats.

When PDF full text is available click the "PDF Full Text" link.

When HTML full text is available click the "HTML Full Text" link.

When both are available choose whichever format you prefer.  Note: HTML might load faster, but PDF offers better quality, especially if there are tables or graphs embedded within the article.

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Full Text Using the FindIt! Button

Please note: some databases do not use the FindIt! button!

When you find an article without either PDF or HTML linked full text, click the FindIt! button.

When FindIt! locates electronic full text, it displays the database(s) that the article can be found in, with the full citation filled in.  Just click GO.  If the article is available through more than one database, it will show each place that it occurs.  Pick the database that you are most familiar and comfortable with!

When electronic text is not available,  FindIt!  guides you to finding print holdings at Gumberg Library or to using Interlibrary Loan.  Click GO on the DuCat holdings line to check for print journals. 

If the article is not available in print, click GO on the ILL line to request it using Interlibrary Loan.

It will ask for your ILLiad Logon or prompt first time users to set up an account.

Note: Interlibrary Loan will not request articles that the library has in print form unless you are registered in a distance learning course.

After you log on, the information for the article is automatically filled in; all you have to do is scroll down and submit your request!

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Full Text Using Google Scholar

You can use Google Scholar in conjunction with Duquesne University databases.  See Google Scholar @ Gumberg Library for instructions on setting preferences to access the library's full text.

When using Google Scholar to search for articles, you will not see the FindIt! button on your Search Results page.  You will see a link for Find It @ Duquesne, which works the same way as the FindIt! button.

When this link is available next to the article title, then the full text is usually available through Duquesne University.  When this link is seen on the bottom line of the result information it is usually not available through Duquesne, but it is worth checking just in case. 

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Full Text Using a Reference Citation in DuCat

When you have a citation in hand and want to find the full text of the article, use the Quick Search box on the library homepage.

Find the article by choosing "periodical title" in the drop down menu.

Enter the name of the Journal that your article is in then click "Search."


If your Journal is available electronically, DuCat indicates "Online."  Click "URL" to access the journal.

FindIt! then lists the databases that can access that journal and all you have to do is enter your citation information!

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Full Text Using Already Have a Citation?

Another way to find full text articles when you have a citation in hand is to use the "Already Have a Citation?" box on the Find Articles page on the Library web site.

Fill in the boxes (or as much information as you have for your citation) and then click the FindIt! button!

FindIt! will list available databases for your article.  Choose one and click GO!

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