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Outside Warning System

In an emergency, the Outside Warning System sounds a tone and a voice message announcing the nature of the emergency.

When you hear a siren alert, you should:

Siren locations:

  • Mellon Hall
  • Rangos School of Health Sciences
  • St. Martin’s
  • Locust Garage                                                                                             

The sirens are intended to warn people outside campus buildings immediately of impending severe weather and other emergencies. They may not be heard throughout the entire campus and inside buildings.

Outside Warning System activations are often followed by a DU Alert message which will provide specific information and instructions during an emergency.

Situations which may require use of the sirens:

  • Tornado warnings
  • Natural disasters
  • Gunman or other threat


The Outside Warning System is tested at least once per semester.  The tone will sound for approximately three minutes.  In addition, a tone consisting of a Westminster Chime is activated daily at 6:05 p.m. to ensure the system is active. This testing is part of normal maintenance and no action is necessary.