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Emergency Preparedness

Duquesne University is diligent about keeping our students and campus safe on a daily basis. The University has a detailed Emergency Operations Plan that has been shared with local law enforcement and emergency management agencies. The plan includes provisions for declaring a campus state of emergency, activating an Emergency Operations Center, emergency notification and communication procedures, and mutual aid agreements.   

The University's Emergency Response Team meets throughout the year to discuss potential emergency scenarios and continually updates detailed plans to respond to such situations.   

The University has several tools in place to aid in emergency preparedness, information distribution, response and awareness. Below are a number of useful resources that can help the University community in the event of an emergency. 

Alerting the Campus

In the event of an emergency, the campus community will be notified as soon as possible by DU Alert and the Outside Warning System. Other potential means of emergency communication include: 

  • Mass e-mail, Blackboard, DU Daily, and website
  • Campus Hotline: x1700 from campus phone or 412.396.1700. (Recorded message regarding cancellations, delays, or emergency issues)
  • Local/Regional radio, television
  • PA System built into siren control of each police vehicle
  • "Bullhorn": hand-held PA devices

Responding to an Emergency Situation

Below are recommendations for how to respond to specific emergencies: 

Utilizing Local, State and Federal Emergency Resources

The following agencies are vital resources for up-to-date emergency information and preparedness tips: 

Involving the Campus Community

The Campus Community Risk Team (CCRT) is made up of administrators, faculty, staff and students who provide a centralized layer of information about campus violence and prevention for Duquesne. CCRT is responsible for reporting potential issues that are brought to their attention and working with Public Safety to prevent violence on campus.