Sky view overlooking Rooney Field

Seek Shelter/Stay in Place

Call Campus Police at 412.396.2677

Seek Shelter/Stay in Place means to stay where you are to avoid possible danger outside. Read full definition of Seek Shelter/Stay in Place.                      

Situations Which May Require Individuals to Seek Shelter/Stay in Place

  • Severe weather
  • Hazardous material release
  • Suspicious intruder
  • Hostage situation
  • Other dangerous situations as determined by Campus Police

Students should remain in class or in their Residence Hall until Campus Police give the all-clear signal.

Stay away from windows, doors and outside walls.

Authorities may not be able to provide information about what is happening immediately.

Account for everyone who arrives in the shelter.

Stay in the shelter location until you receive an all-clear message from Campus Police.

In the Event of Severe Weather

Basements generally offer the best protection. Otherwise go into an interior room or hallway on the lowest floor possible.

In the Event of an Intruder

Secure doors and seek concealment away from windows and doors. Turn off the lights and close the blinds if the room is so equipped.  Refer to Active Shooter Checklist for more information.