Contact Public Safety


Call Campus Police at 412.396.2677


Call Campus Police at 412.396.6002
412.396.5963 (Fax)


Tom Hart
Chief of Police /


Tom Hart is the Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety. He is responsible for overseeing and managing the entire Department of Public Safety which includes Patrol, Operations and Administrative Sections as well as the Business Office. Chief Hart is an active member of the Campus Community Risk Team (CCRT) and serves on several other boards offering his law enforcement expertise.

Michael Sippey
Assistant Chief


Michael Sippey is the Assistant Chief supervising the Administrative Section. His primary responsibilities include managing investigations and reviewing/approving police reports. Assistant Chief Sippey oversees the departmental Accreditation, Clery and Title IX requirements. He also coordinates annual Active Shooter Training and Firearms Training for members of the department.

Michael Kopas


Michael Kopas is the Captain/Patrol Commander. He is responsible for overseeing the patrol shifts and managing the Sergeants, Corporals, Police Officers, Security Guards and Police Communication Operators. Captain Kopas also coordinates and schedules security personnel at special events on campus.

Michael Kiryk


Michael Kiryk is the Lieutenant/Coordinator of Training, Community Relations/Crime Prevention Section. He is responsible for the safety/crime prevention trainings and programs for the University community.  This position is also the training coordinator for the department and manages the emergency alert system.  Lt. Kiryk, as the University's crime prevention coordinator, can be contacted directly to request a safety class.  The Lieutenant also supervises the security systems for the University which includes cameras and alarms.

Bob Mason
Security Systems Coordinator


Bob Mason is the Security Systems Coordinator. He works with Facilities Management on projects to enhance security on campus. Daily, he manages the overall operations of the surveillance cameras, alarm systems and automatic doors on campus. Bob is also responsible for granting card access requests.

Jaclyn DeNardo
Business Manager


Jaclyn DeNardo is the Business Manager. Her primary responsibilities include payroll, budgeting, processing invoices, and supervising the Business Office. Jaclyn is also the systems administrator in Public Safety managing the records management system, Blackboard and the Public Safety website.

Linda Hirsh
Administrative Assistant


Linda Hirsh is the Administrative Assistant. She is responsible for processing and maintaining police reports, tracking payroll records and leave balances on a regular basis. The Administrative Assistant also provides regular support to the Business Manager and all Sections within the department when needed.