From coffee houses to dining rooms across campus, Duquesne students enjoy great food and company.

Dining at Duquesne

Summer Dining Service Hours

Monday - Friday Saturday Sunday
CAMPUS MARKET  7 - 10pm CLOSED  7 - 10pm
THE INCLINE   7:30 - 9am
11 - 1:30pm
  5 - 6:30pm

11 - 1:30pm
  5 - 6:30pm

11 - 1:30pm
  5 - 6:30pm

Duquesne Dining Services offers 11 convenient dining locations across campus, including three national brands (Starbucks, Freshens and Chick-Fil-A). These include:

Convenient Locations

  • Rev. Sean Hogan Dining Center
  • Chick-Fil-A
  • Cinco Cantina
  • The Incline
  • Starbucks
  • Campus Market - Towers
  • The Red Ring Express
  • Freshens

Students living on campus are required to enroll in a meal plan. Duquesne also offers on campus residents and commuters the convenience of PLUS. PLUS is additional money you may add to your Duquesne ID. You can spend PLUS at every Duquesne University Dining Services operated dining location on campus, and, as an added bonus, you'll receive a 5% discount at the register with every purchase.

Encouraging Carry Out and Other Exciting Changes  

  • Our Executive Chef and his team are re-envisioning the Hogan Dining experience around our ten stations, with a continued emphasis on quality and variety while maximizing time and convenience. We'll be serving up your favorite entrees and bowls, like our famous gnocchi, sesame chicken, burritos and mashed potato bowls, for limited dine-in or takeout - all items at Hogan will be available to-go at every meal.
  • A new experience is coming to the popular Red Ring Restaurant. It will transition to a special carry out only location that is both student and campus community focused.

    Now, student meal plans have been enhanced to include access at The Red Ring so that all of campus can enjoy the revamped takeout menu. This new concept will provide a robust grab-and-go experience featuring signature dishes and campus favorites as well as a delicious daily rotation of sandwiches, salads and entrees - all conveniently packaged for safe pick-up, to enjoy across campus
  • The Incline Food Court is getting a makeover to maximize traffic flow and provide our much-anticipated "enhanced" salads concept. Salads by Design will be relocated to the pizza station, doubling the space and providing endless flavorful salad offerings in a quick and easy carry out!
  • We're reimagining our Pop-Ups and theme meal series to continue to have fun and celebrate together around food. Our program may evolve, but we'll still be serving up your campus favorites, from smoked brisket, to classic carne asada tacos, to our amazing rice bowls and more!


To order catering, please visit

Changes to Keep you Healthy and Safe

Dining Updates

  • We will be removing or changing our self-serve options such as salads bars, yogurt bars, waffle station, condiments and more. For instance, self-serve salad bars will become served by our team members so students can still get a customized salad.
  • We will be expanding our Grab-and-Go options throughout the campus to include more options, and more readily available in many dining locations.
  • We are working on menus and location optimizations that will look differently from last year, but allow the flow of traffic to move faster. More info to come as plans are solidified.
  • Catering options will be tailored to individual meals and options that support social distancing. We will be rolling out new menu options soon.

Safety & Sanitation

  • All employees will be wearing Personal Protection Equipment including masks and gloves. We are also developing a new standard for health monitoring and qualifications for all dining employees in order to keep our guests safe.
  • We are expanding our sanitation practices and food safety guidelines at all dining locations with a heavy focus on high frequency touch points.
  • We are adding Plexiglas barriers at cashier stations.
  • For our guests, we will have sanitizer stations throughout dining locations.

Guest Signage & Communications

  • We will have signage at all our campus locations to include floor markers, flow of traffic, stanchions, and more to properly allow social distancing in our dining areas.
  • Some dining areas will become one way in, and one way out to optimize the flow of traffic and social distancing.
  • We will be relying heavily on digital communications in the fall including FoodU App and social media (IG: @duquesnedining) to stay engaged and communicate with guests.  Please connect with us on social media for the latest updates!

Dining Seating

  • We will be following the state guidelines to make sure any seating area for dining is at the current guidelines. Due to the loss of seating spaces, we will be encouraging all guests to take their orders to-go at the various outdoor seating tents and other locations.

Visit our Duquesne Dining Services website to view dining locations, plans, menus and more!