Visits to the University Counseling Services are private and confidential.

Clients often share sensitive, personal, and private information with therapists as a part of the counseling process. Feelings of trust and safety are critical for persons to grow and learn about themselves.

Information about your participation in counseling will not be disclosed to anyone without your written permission except for rare occasions required by law, including:

  • reasonable suspicion of abuse of children;
  • Serious danger of violence toward someone else:
  • serious danger that you may harm yourself unless protective measures are taken.

Before meeting with a therapist, you'll be given a paper that explains the confidentiality of our services. Because confidentiality is so important, we encourage students to discuss questions they may have about confidentiality during their first visit.

The counseling staff at the University Counseling Services operates as a team. Therefore, from time to time, your therapist may consult with other staff members or receive supervision from a clinical supervisor. These consultations are for professional and training purposes only and are aimed at providing the best possible care for all clients.

Information in this site is not intended to replace a one-on-one consultation with a licensed mental health worker.  If you are a student having problems, we urge you to contact us at 412.396.6204 to schedule an appointment.