Coping with COVID-19 Resources

Resources to Support, Inspire and Help you Cope During the Coronavirus: 

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Coping and Staying Emotionally Well During Covid-19-related School Closures

Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Face of Uncertainty

How Teenagers Can Protect Their Mental Health During Covid-19

7 Science-Based Strategies to Cope with Covid-19 Anxiety

Surviving and Thriving in Solitude

I Spent a Year in Space, and I Have Tips on Isolation to Share 

Damien Echols's Part 1 of " Things that Helped Me Survive Solitary Confinement" 

Damien Echols's Part 2 of " Things that Helped Me Survice Solitary Confinement" 

Stories of Compassion

What Americans Are Doing Now is Beautiful 

Two 20- Something Extend " Invisible Hands" in Virus Outbreak

Covid-19- How These Activists are Taking Matters into Their Own ( Sanitized) Hands

In One Day, 1,000 NYC Doctors and Nurses Enlist to Battle Coronavirus 

These Inspiring Pictures Show People Helping Others During the Coronavirus Pandemic

How SF Neighborhoods are Helping Each Other During the Coronavirus Shelter-In-Place Order

Start the Conversation Links

Prevent Violence #DUsupport

Resources for Administrators, Faculty and Staff 

Webinar Series: Changing the Conversation about Mental Health to Support College Students During a Pandemic  (April 9th & April 13th 2020) 

JED's Webinar for Faculty on Managing Stress During Distance Learning

JED Foundation Resources for Students and Faculty

Love is Louder Action Center for Physical Distancing

Covid-19 Updates, Tips and Resources

Active Minds Covid-19 Action Center with webinars, blogs and other resources

Webinar for Faculty on Managing Stress During Distance Learning