The path of wellbeing is a powerful way for you to not only honor the depth of your being but that of others... by simply acknowledging yourself and others as mind, body, and spirit

637 Fisher Hall

Interfaith Meditation Room

The UCS's interfaith meditation room is available to all students, faculty, and staff. Freedom and space to practice one's religion is a top priority here at Duquesne University. That is why the Interfaith Meditation and Silent Prayer Room was founded as part of the Counseling Services. 

 Open from 8:30 to 4:30 Monday - Friday (except when offices are closed)

The room was designed as a place where people from any religious tradition or no religious tradition could go to engage in their meditative and contemplative practices. Remember, in order to accommodate practitioners of different faiths, we ask that all prayers or mantra repetitions are done silently in this shared space.

For many faith traditions, it is a sign of respect to remove one's shoes in places of meditation and prayer. Bamboo shoe racks are available to place one's shoes on while the space is being used.

Materials Available for prayer and Meditation
There are meditation cushions and kneelers available to help support a proper meditation posture. Fold out the legs from beneath the kneelers to use them for kneeling or use a circular, smiley, or box-shaped cushion for support of cross-legged postures.

A book shelf is filled with spiritual and philosophical texts from many traditions that have been known to guide a great number of people to a state of increased wellbeing. To borrow one, simply sign it out in the main office of the Counseling and Wellbeing Center.

There are also prayer beads available for use from four major spiritual traditions: Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity, Yoga, and Buddhism.

Interested in learning how to meditate?

To schedule an appointment for a lesson on how to meditate or for any questions, please call 412.396.6204. We hope to share this space with you soon.