Outreach and Workshops

Hello, my name is Sara Kyles- Royster and I am the outreach coordinator for our University Counseling Services (UCS). In this position, I am the contact person for requests of programs that support or educate others about a person's overall wellbeing. I network and coordinate presentations and programs on campus (for students, faculty, staff, & organizations). In addittion to our staff at the UCS, staff from the Recreation Services (Power Center) and Health Services are able to provide workshops and presentations.

Workshops on Demand 


Meditation Foundations 

Emotional Regulation and Distress Tolerance 

Examples of workshops and presentations

• Meditation and Mindfulness
• Stress Management and Resilience
• Test Anxiety
• Assertiveness and conflict management
• Time Management
• Balancing Multiple Roles
• Effective Communications
• Healthy Relationships
• Trauma Prevention and Healing
• Suicide Prevention
• Find meaning in life while seeking overall wellbeing in body, mind, soul and spirit
• Overview of Counseling Center services
• Suggest a workshop topic for us to design

To request a workshop or speaker contact the UCS at 412.396.6204 or email Sara- Kyles Royster . Please give us at least 2 weeks notice. For current group and outreach activities, check out our Upcoming Events page.



Information in this site is not intended to replace a one-on-one consultation with a licensed mental health worker.  If you are a student having problems, we urge you to contact us at 412.396.6204 to schedule an appointment.