Changes to the University’s COVID testing policy

The University continues to appreciate deeply the collective commitment to safety and policies that has enabled us to continue being present together on campus.

As would be expected, since over 90% of our campus is vaccinated, the vast bulk of positive cases on Duquesne's campus since the start of the semester are fully vaccinated individuals. Research has confirmed that fully vaccinated individuals, especially those who have a booster shot, are much less likely to experience severe symptoms or require use of an emergency room or hospitalization. However, vaccinated individuals can still contract Omicron and spread the disease even though most experience no symptoms or mild symptoms.

Given this information and after considerations of best epidemiological and medical practices, Duquesne University is adapting its COVID testing strategy to adjust accordingly.

At present, Duquesne requires all symptomatic students and employees to get tested and all unvaccinated asymptomatic students and employees to be tested regularly.

The University's revised strategy includes two main changes:  

  • No person (vaccinated or unvaccinated) employed at Duquesne will be required to be tested as a condition for being on campus. 
  • However, all unvaccinated persons are encouraged to get tested regularly. 

The University will employ two new testing strategies:

  • Duquesne will continue testing all symptomatic students and employees and isolating any person who tests positive. 
  • Duquesne will conduct regular, on-campus testing of asymptomatic students and employees who sign up for a test for any reason such as recent travel or concerns about exposure. This will include large testing clinics after events like spring break and before events like commencement. 

 We will continue to regularly assess the effectiveness of our practices, as well as any regulatory requirements, and will amend our approach as necessary to best promote the health of our community.

The University still requires all individuals on campus to wear facemasks indoors and to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 unless an exemption is granted. 

Again, we remain very thankful for all the good work of our entire community so far. Best wishes as we continue into the spring semester!

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