Immunization Frequently Asked Questions

Compliance Information

How do I submit my immunization information?

This is a 2-step process. Please follow instructions for each step carefully and complete in the following order to ensure that your records are processed without delay. ALL documentation must be in English.

 Duquesne University Immunization Verification Form

Step 1: Take the Duquesne University Immunization Verification Form to your healthcare provider for completion.

The form MUST contain the required immunization information as well as the provider's signature, title, date, address, and organization stamp.

Forms submitted with missing required information or which otherwise demonstrate non-adherence to immunization requirement specifications will be deemed non-compliant.

Recommended immunization dates should also be provided as requested. A physical examination is NOT required for admission to Duquesne University.

Step 2: With your unique university issued credentials (student DORI user name) and multipass password (that you have created):

  • Log into DORI - then the Health Service Student Portal - then upload an image of the completed Immunization Verification Form (in English)
  • Select the Immunization Upload option from either "Upload" area in the portal. Acceptable image file types are: PNG, JPG, JPED, GIF. PDF files are NOT acceptable due to security reasons. Keep the original document in your home records.

What immunizations are required?

  1. MMR: (Measles/Mumps/Rubella) ALL STUDENTS born after 1956 (without lab-test evidence of disease) MUST provide immunization dates of TWO MMR doses.
  2. MENINGITIS QUADRIVALENT VACCINE (CONJUGATE or POLYSACCHARIDE) is required for entering freshmen students at Duquesne University
  3. Covid- 19 Vaccines

    Some common names of this vaccine are: Menactra (MCV4), Menveo (MCV4), Menomune (MPSV4).

MENINGITIS B VACCINE is not currently required, but is recommended.
The two names of this vaccine are Trumenba and Bexsero.

What should I do if I have problems uploading my immunization records through the secure Health Service Student Portal?

First, make sure you are trying to upload an image file. We accept PNG, JPG, JPEG, and GIF image files that are less the 4MB in size. You may also want to clear your browser cache and cookies or try using a different browser.

If you are not successful or encounter any technical issues with the online submission process, please email and include the following information: details of the error message you are receiving, a screenshot (if possible), the name of the internet browser you are using (i.e. Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox), and type of device (i.e. desktop computer, iPad, iMac, mobile phone). Also, please include your name and birthdate.

I can't find my immunization records. Do I need to have the immunizations again?

Your health care provider can determine if you need the immunizations or if blood tests should be performed to determine immunity. He or she can then enter this information on the required Duquesne Immunization Verification Form.  Duquesne University Centers for Pharmacy Care can provide immunization adminstration. If you would like to utlize the CPC for care, please call 412-396-2155 to arrange an appointment. You can have these tests done at the Allegheny County Health Department, or a local provider's office at your own expense if they are not covered by your health insurance.

How much do immunizations cost?

Due to the variability in coverage by health insurance companies,  please check with your health insurance carrier to see what immunizations are covered and how you can be reimbursed if you receive the immunizations at Duquesne university Centers for Pharmacy Care, or a local provider's office.

Can I submit a copy of my immunization records instead of the Duquesne University Immunization Verification Form?

No. The Duquesne University Immunization Verification Form is required to be completed, signed, dated, and stamped by a health care professional.

I have copies of my immunization records but I do not currently have a health care provider to complete the form, what should I do?

Duquesne University students can schedule a form review appointment at Duquesne Health Services by calling 412.396.1650

You must bring your original childhood immunization records or a copy of your childhood immunization records from your health care provider to your appointment.

I do not live in University housing. Am I still required to receive a meningococcal conjugate vaccine or submit a waiver?

No, only students living in University housing are required to have a meningococcal quadrivalent vaccine; however, it is strongly recommended for all students living in, apartments and other shared/ communal housing.

Why is a meningococcal vaccine important?

Meningococcal disease is a bacterial infection caused by Neisseria meningitides. Meningococcal disease usually presents clinically as meningitis or bacteremia. Serogroups A, B, C, W and Y cause almost all meningococcal disease cases. Four of these strains are contained in the quadrivalent (A, C, W, Y) vaccine. Incidence of meningococcal disease peaks among adolescents and young adults aged 16 through 21 years. First-year college students living in residence halls are at higher risk for meningococcal disease than other students.

What are the specific requirements for the meningococcal vacine?

The College and University Student Vaccination Act of 2002 in Pennsylvania prohibits a student from residing in University housing unless the student has received a one-time vaccination against meningococcal disease.

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommends that first-year college students living in residence halls should receive at least 1 dose of meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4) before college entry. The required timing of the most recent dose is on or after their 16th birthday. Persons aged 21 years should have documentation of receipt of meningococcal conjugate vaccine not more than 5 years before enrollment.

In accordance with the College and University Student Vaccination Act and ACIP, all students who will be living in University housing must submit proof of 1 dose of meningococcal conjugate vaccine that covers serogroups A, C, Y, and W since age 16. Students may request an exemption from this requirement if there is a documented medical contraindication to vaccination or if religious or philosophical beliefs prohibit immunization by contacting the Duquesne University Office of the Vice President for Student Life at 412.396.3234. 

The Meningococcal B vaccine (serogroup B) is a separate vaccine and is strongly recommended, although not mandatory at this time.

My immunization records are in a foreign language. Will the University accept these?

No. All documentation submitted for immunization compliance must be in English. Contact your health care provider for a translated copy.

Do immunization requirements apply to non-degree seeking students?

Non-degree seeking students are not required to submit immunization information; however, non-degree seeking students living in University housing must provide proof of the doses of two MMR immunizations and Meningococcal quadrivalent vaccine and submit the Duquesne University Immunization Verification Form.