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Biofeedback is available free to students, faculty and staff.

Biofeedback programs help you learn how to voluntarily decrease stress and increase your energy for productive activity.  They provide information about physical processes--heart rate, skin temperature, respiration.  You can learn to::

  • Decrease stress
  • Decrease worry, anxiety, and panic
  • Reduce depressed feelings while simultaneously increasing calm, contentment, and relaxation.

The UCS Biofeedback program uses a fun, video-game like format called "The Journey to the Wild Divine," in which you complete game quests that teach you how to attain a level of mastery over your breathing for the purpose of improving your emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being.  It is non-invasive, natural, fun, and based on collective wisdom across the ages.  And, it is available free to Duquesne University students, faculty, and staff.  To arrange a biofeedback session or for more information, please call 412-396-6204.

The following is a Biofeedback success story from one of our students.

"I am graduate student in Duquesne University who is desperate to fulfill my dream finishing the Ph. D program. But, during my long journey through the program, I faced a major hurdle in clearing the most important tests required for awarding a Ph. D degree. I approached the University Counseling center for consultation in dealing with the anxiety or panic attack that I suffered during my first attempt of clearing the exams. The counselor recommended me to go through  "The Journey to the Wild Divine" video-game for handling with such situations in future. Initially I expressed unwillingness saying that, I am kind of person who does not show much interest into video-games. But, abiding by the advice of the counselor, I used this product for over a month before retaking my exams. To my surprise, I had a most wonderful experience with this video-game. It increased my self-confidence as I was able to use breathing and mental processes to relax, lift my energy level and achieve peacefulness. It also helped me sleeping better. The over all experience that I gained from "The Journey to the Wild Divine" video-game reduced my stress and advanced my ability to concentrate on the exams. I was able to successfully clear the most important exams that I failed to clear during my previous attempts. I strongly encourage the use of  "The Journey to the Wild Divine" video-game for student who are stressed with the daunting tests."

Contact us for an appointment or more information.