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Health & Well-being Promotion & Education


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Health is a vital part of learning. Health Services promotes and sustains a healthy campus community with attention to an individual's physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, environmental, and occupational  well-being.

Health Promotion & Education empowers students to achieve wellness through:

  • Promoting healthy, active and balanced lifestyles that address the seven dimensions of wellness.
  • Encouraging personal development through deepened self awareness and daily self reflection.
  • Providing preventive programs that allow students to engage in conversations that impact their lifelong well being.
  • Educating students to make informed decisions about physical, emotional, and sexual health and wellbeing.
  • Connecting students with information and resources through educational material, information about community resources, and interactive programming.

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Click here for Monthly Health Information Events: Just For The Health Of It!

Click here for Class Schedule: Basic Life Support CPR/AED Certification

Yes Means Test

Mental Health Matters

What's "Seize the Awkward"? ...watch this video and find out...

Are you or a  friend going through a tough time?....There are a number of signs to watch out for. But you know yourself and your friends best, so trust your gut. And if something seems wrong, ask them...

Sexual Violence and Relationship Violence Policy & Education

The Mission Statement of Duquesne University emphasizes a profound concern for moral and spiritual values. This concern is under-scored in the Sexual Violence and Relationship Violence Policy. This link provides information and resources to help clarify and address the issues of sexual violence. The intention is to provide assistance for survivors and their families as well as to increase awareness and aid in prevention of sexual and relationship violence.

Sexual Violence/Intervention Resources: Click Here

Recreation Department

At Duquesne University's Recreation Department fitness is seen as a lifestyle choice. It allows students to do something every day, to move their bodies, so as to maintain overall health.  By finding something at the Power Center that will increase endurance, strenght, flexiblity, and coordination, you will achieve balance in your life.

Power Center Student Wellness Programs

Working Together To Prevent Suicide

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students. Often, suicide is the result of severe depression. While depression is a highly treatable condition, two out of three depressed college students never seek treatment.

Are you concerned about yourself or a friend? Get confidential counseling and advice from the University Counseling Center.

Self Help Resources

Counseling Services Wellbeing Resources