Student Health Advisory Council (S.H.A.C.)

Are you looking for a volunteer or service project right on campus? SHAC may just be for you! SHAC membership is open to all undergraduate and graduate Duquesne students in good standing. Resident and commuter students of all majors are welcome. Contact Health Service at 412.396.1650 if you are interested in participating.                                                                                                                                                                     Student Advisor: Nancy Kennedy Generalovich, R.N., B.S.N., C.S.N
Campus Relations Coordinator/Staff Nurse

Membership/Officer/Executive Committee Application- submit to or drop off in DU Health Service (second floor Union)

Student Health Advisory Council Facebook Page


  • The Student Advisory Health Committee endeavors to promote health awareness among the Duquesne community;
  • to consider all matters that its members deem appropriate concerning leading change on campus with the purpose of promoting and supporting Duquesne University’s mission of total wellness and well-being, active and productive lifestyles including appropriate life choices;
  • to make proposals and recommendations to the Administration of Duquesne University concerning such matters of promoting health education and disease prevention on campus; and suggest guidelines and plans that represent student health interests, improving student well-being and creating an interdisciplinary service learning environment for members.


The SHAC pursues the above objectives through the following activities:

  • Establishes, strengthens and maintains avenues of communication on campus and functions as the liaison between students and the Duquesne administration.
  • Endorses and/or conducts conferences and meetings that deal with important student issues.
  • Provides opinions, ideas, proposals, suggested guidelines, and other information relative to health related issues to the Duquesne Health Service and Administration.
  • The Student Health Advisory Council works with an advisor under the University Health Service and the University Student Well-being Committee to promote/select a “Healthy Change:” that supports wellness at Duquesne, through chosen activities.
  • The SHAC works together with other campus groups and departments to plan and coordinate cohesive events to build support making the selective change a reality.
  • The SHAC will promote their work through multimedia outlets in the Duquesne Campus CommunityGoals