As an urban campus, Duquesne takes care to educate students on how to keep themselves safe. Your student is his or her own best safety tool!

  • bike cop with studentAll of the Living Learning Centers are equipped with card access systems which require students to scan their DU Cards when entering the interior of the building. From 1 AM until 6 AM, students will also need to swipe their DU Cards to gain access to the exterior door of each building.
  • All guests must have photo identification.
  • The front desks of the Living Learning Centers are staffed around the clock to ensure that students are swiping their DU Cards for access and that guests are properly signed in.
  • Each night, the on duty RA staff conducts several tours of the LLC’s to address any safety issues or policy violations.
  • In addition to 24 hour a day campus police patrols, security cameras are placed strategically around campus, providing additional security measures.
  • A system of blue light phones are in place throughout campus so that students may contact the campus police in the event of an emergency.
  • Upon request, the campus police also provide an on-campus escort service for students who are walking around campus or to the parking garages.

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