Latin American Student Association (LASA)

The Latin American Student Association is a cultural organization that attempts to inform and educate the people of Duquesne University about Latino culture. Our aim is to embrace the diversity of our heritage and share our culture with others. We believe that LASA can help to unite people through a common understanding of each other's backgrounds while helping to change negative images that have been created through ignorance.

 Apart from the informative aspect of our organization, we also provide academic opportunities to students of Latino descent as well as students who are majoring in Spanish or those who have in interest in Latino culture. We conduct projects that enrich our communities and strengthen our members' character. Our motto is "Change happens with education, education creates understanding and understanding unites us all".

We regularly work with the the International Student Organization and other student events to expose our local campus community to Latino culture through food, dance and information sessions.  We also organize events for Hispanic Heritage month, salsa classes and a La Posadas food festival.

Come join us for a taste of Latino Culture on campus!