What to Expect

For most students, living in such a close community is a new experience. At Duquesne, we believe that students are adults, capable of making responsible choices and learning from their mistakes.

Students are expected to live within the guidelines of the following documents:

  1. University Mission Statement
  2. Expectations of a Duquesne Student
  3. Residence Life Handbook
  4. Student Handbook

Don’t be intimidated – these documents all come together to help create the Duquesne Experience.

Living with Others

While you’re learning how to live with others, conflicts may arise.

  • These conflicts can usually be resolved through direct communication and honesty.
  • The Residence Life staff is trained to help you work through these conflicts.
  • For guidelines or more information, see the Residence Life Handbook.

Learn more about Living with Others. If you still have further questions, please feel free to contact us.