Life in Vickroy Hall

Vickroy Hall• Built in 1997.
• Houses upperclassmen.
• Approximately 300 residents.
• Large common kitchen for resident use.
• Study lounge on each floor except 5th floor.
• Exercise room on the 5th floor.
• Laundry room located on each floor.
• Suite style living (adjoining rooms connected by bathroom).
• Co-ed by suite.

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Single rooms (very limited) are approx 11'10" x 13'4", with 6'11" x 3'8" entry area.
Double rooms are approx 16'8" x 11'4", with 4'4" x 9'5" entry area.
Triple rooms (very limited) are approx 18' x 15', with 10' x 4' entry area.