Fire Safety on Campus

Duquesne cares about our students, so we take fire safety seriously.

  • Each Living Learning Center is equipped with fire extinguishers.
  • All Living Learning Centers have functioning sprinkler fire suppression systems and are equipped with heat and smoke detectors that are directly linked to Public Safety and the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire. 
  • Each student receives detailed evacuation instructions for his or her room at move-in.
  • Unannounced fire evacuation drills are held each semester.
  • Students can volunteer to participate in the Fire Marshal Program.  Fire Marshals are trained in fire safety and help evacuate the floor should an alarm sound. 
  • Resident Assistants plan fire safety floor programs which highlight evacuation routes, procedures, and additional safety information.
  • Facilities Management conducts monthly fire alarm tests in each building to ensure the equipment is functioning properly


Students who tamper with fire safety equipment or fail to evacuate during an alarm face campus judicial proceedings.