Group photo of Brottier Hall Council

Residence Hall Councils

The Hall Councils are a subset of RHA. It's a forum for student leaders in the residence halls who are interested in influencing their residential community and campus. It provides leadership opportunities for residents to collaborate and create a more enjoyable on-campus experience for everyone through programming, community, and friendship. Hall Councils serve as an opportunity to take your typical residence hall experience and turn it into something extraordinary!

The RHA Hall Councils shall consider resident student concerns about improving the quality of life within their respective residence hall as their primary objective. They shall also plan, organize and implement activities for their individual residence halls and may cooperate with other groups, organizations or University Officials in matters pertaining specifically to their respective residence halls and in keeping with RHA's mission and objectives.

Every Residence Hall elects a new Hall Council at the beginning of the academic year. This will happen within the first two weeks of the month of September. An information session will be held within the first week prior to the Hall Council Elections. The week after the Elections, there will be a training workshop to train the elected officers in their new positions and the first RHA Installations Meeting will take place this week as well.