Vocation Discernment Group

Your life, God's Call

When: Every Wednesday at 6 pm
Where: Laval House (located on A-Walk between Student Union and Canevin Hall)

What is Vocational Discernment?

Deep within we recognize that we are called to some deep purpose or vocation. For some, the call is very clear and unambiguous while for others it seems to be less apparent. Vocational discernment is an ongoing process in which one reflects on what their life's vocation, calling or purpose is meant to be. Hearing God's call and embracing our vocation can be one of the most daunting and rewarding tasks that we face. There are a wide variety of vocations that we are called to in today's Church. The great challenge is to uncover and listen to the call that we receive.

Where is God Leading You?

The Discernment Group provides an opportunity for men and women to gather weekly to reflect on God's grace and action in an individual's life and their call to participate in God's work through the Church.

◆ The group offers a prayerful, supportive atmosphere to help those considering a call to pursue a religious vocation and a chance to learn about a variety of vocations.

◆ As a group, we prayer together and for one another as vocations are discerned, and we encourage one another to let God's Word lead us to a deeper faith.

You are not Alone.

According to a study conducted by CARA, a national, non-profit research center that conducts social scientific studies about the Catholic Church, 12 percent of men surveyed had considered becoming a priest or brother and 10 percent of the women had considered becoming a religious sister.

◆ Students, alumni, faculty and staff who are considering a religious vocation can find support from their peers experiencing the same calling. This group of holy people comes together with the same questions, doubts and struggles you have about God's calling for them in their lives.

◆ This is great place for answers to your countless questions about a life-long vocation of service to God's Church, whether it is religious life, priesthood or through
a faithful marriage. To discern a religious vocation is to discern how you can become more like Our Lord; this group helps you with these questions plus you experience and develop a sense of camaraderie in the process. God bless.

What members of the Discernment Group are saying:

"The discernment group is helping me understand the reality of a vocation. It relieves me of some of the daunting feelings I had about pursuing a vocation in the church."

"This group has given me a sense of community. I no longer feel alone in my search for answers and on top of that it gives me yet another opportunity to grow in my faith every week."

For more information

If you are interested in joining the Vocational Discernment Group, please contact  

Fr. Bill Christy, C.S.Sp.,
University Chaplain and Director of Spiritan Campus Ministry
christyw458@duq.edu or at x6020