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The Lenten Journey into the Desert

From Death to New Life

Oh Lord, lead me deep into the desert of my inner-most self to discover anew who it is you call me to be. Through my alms giving may I discover a largeness of heart, through my prayer may I deepen my love for you and my fasting may I discover a greater hunger for justice.


(Mt: 6, 1-18) TJH

You thumbed grit into my furrowed brow, marking me with the sign of mortality, the dust of last year's palms. The cross you traced seared, smudged skin, and I recall other ashes etched into my heart by those who loved too little and not at all.
- Elizabeth-Ann Vanek

Having trouble getting through Lent? You're not alone! Read on to find tips and hints to make your Lenten Journey a fulfilling one...

Alms Giving


Make yourself more aware of world issues
Donate some of your personal possessions to those less fortunate
Stand up for the needs of others, i.e. check out SCM's Outreach Opportunities
Adopt and elder or teen and spend two or three hours a week with them
Give a fixed amount of money to the Sunday collection at Mass
Commit an hour a month to a social service agency
Each time you go shopping, buy a few extra food items to donate to a food bank


Excessive credit card use
Anger from past hurt
Negative attitudes
Your need for "thanks"
The purchase of some luxury items
Unnecessary negative commentary on people and organizations



Make a sacred space in your room or office
Plan a daily moment of solitude
Pray daily (Scripture, the rosary for someone else)
Start a spiritual journal and use it daily
Greet the dawn one day a week
Make use of the Sacrament of Reconciliation
Take time to pray with a friend


Background noise in your room, home or car
Excessive talking / be more available to listen
Finding fault with others
The urge to make assumptions about others
Doubt in the effectiveness of prayer



Share a weekly meal with friends, family or someone from your floor
Offer your talents to a campus organization
Make a weekly donation to those in need
Practice fasting from at least two meals one day a week


A favorite food
Overeating or over drinking
Excessive use of technology (video games, e-mail, cell phone, internet, computer)