Catholic Bible Study

Share a Meal, Share Your Faith!

Tuesday night Bible Study welcomes anyone who is looking for good company with whom to reflect on the Gospel of the coming Sunday and to explore ways to bring God's Word into their daily lives.


Laval House


Tuesdays at 6 PM

Bring Your Meal!

Grab your dinner from Hogan, and we will share a meal together in a socially distant way!

The Tuesday night Bible Study is a formative experience.
  • Using sound Catholic Scripture scholarship as a foundation, the facilitators of the bible Study offer a brief reflection on the coming Sunday's Scripture.
  • Students engage in a time of small-group discussion and conversation
  • Groups then come together for a time of sharing

The simple process, along with faith in the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the belief that each person has a gift to share, has consistently yielded the fruits of inspiration and insight.