Small Groups

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

~Matthew 18:20

Jesus spent most of his time preaching, teaching, and serving the people, but he always took time to withdraw into a place to spend time with His Father and His closest friends. The Lord calls us to do the same. He calls us to withdraw from the busyness of our lives and come away with Him for a while. We are inviting you to join with your peers in small group discussions. There you can withdraw from your busy lives and rest a little while. Come create authentic and rich relationships with others who want to grow in their faith. Don't we all long to be seen and truly known for who we are? Come join a small group, and witness how the Lord moves in your life and the lives of the others in your small group!

Small Group Opportunities:


Grow in relationship with Christ and with each other.

This group will gather weekly to share what's happening in their lives, how they see God moving, and to experience various styles of prayer together. The goal is to allow the students to personalize their commitment and relationship with the Lord and find forms of prayer that help them to experience God's love in deeper ways, both in community with one another and alone.

Formed and Fashioned

Exploring the gifts and strengths God has given us to build up His kingdom.

Each of us has been uniquely knitted and formed in our mother's womb. God created each of us with a unreapeatable personality, gifts and strengths. This group will gather weekly to grow in knowledge and understanding of the unique abilities, strengths and gifts God has given them. Through knowledge of themselves, they will be able to understand the unique ways in which they can serve the Body of Christ and build up God's kingdom.


Living a life alive and empowered by the Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit, really? Students will embark on a journey through the Scriptures to explore how we see the Holy Spirit move in the stories of Creation, the lives of the prophets, in Jesus' ministry, and the early Church. Students will learn about the gifts and fruits of the Spirit as well as the Spiritual gifts. We will invite the Holy Spirit to work in us and through us.

Interested in joining a small group? Contact Brenda Merrick. 

If you are interested in joining or starting a Small Group, contact Brenda Merrick.