Consistent Ethic of Life

CEL is a student group that meets weekly to discuss important life and human dignity issues. In educating ourselves on all sides of an issue, we are able to make informed decisions and take responsible action. This action can be in the form of volunteering with organizations in the area, educating the campus community, or advocating for an issue that supports human dignity.

"I believe the Catholic moral tradition has something valuable to say in the face of the multiple threats to the sacredness of life today, and I am convinced that the Church is in a position to make a significant defense of life in a comprehensive and consistent manner."
~Cardinal Joseph Louis Bernardin

Recent Topics:


 Government Shutdown 


 Genetic Choice 

Food Insecurity


What is CEL?

CEL has a dual meaning. It represents the smallest unit of human life and stands for "consistent ethic of life." What is a consistent ethic of life? ThE concept is rooted in Catholic social teaching. The term itself was coined by Joseph Cardinal Bernardin in the early 1980's as he worked to bring together American Catholics on life issues, from abortion to nuclear war. His understanding of the term "pro-life" included several critical issues. Then the head of the U.S. Bishops Conference Pro-Life Committee, Bernardin spoke out in defense of life from the moment of conception to anything that attacks one's human dignity and the ability to live a healthy life until one is naturally called home to God.

CEL's Philosophy

A CEL philosophy encourages and supports life in all of its stages - from conception to natural death, addressing issues of...

  • Stem cell research
  • Abortion
  • Poverty
  • Capital Punishment
  • Children's Issues
  • AIDS
  • War
  • Euthanasia
  • Human Trafficking

CEL's Goals and Vision

  • Raise awareness and provide EDUCATION on issues affecting humankind from conception to natural death
  • ADVOCACY: Work to promote positive action towards worldwide solidarity, compassion, with other organizations and departments
  • OUTREACH: We strive to work to in the community to enhance the quality of life on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Responsible Action

Spiritan Campus Ministry sponsors two annual advocacy experiences that promote dialogue with our elected officials in regard to current issues affecting the dignity of human life.

  • March for Life is held each January in Washington, D.C. March for Life is a gathering of pro-life groups from across the United States that work to change the decision of Roe V. Wade that was passed in 1973, legalizing abortion.
  • Advocacy for Life experience, also in Washington D.C., is an opportunity for small groups of students to research legislation affecting the protection of human life and the dignity of the human person and that is about to be voted on in Congress. Students prepare two-minute presentations for members of Congress, explaining why they should support or denounce the legislation. This experience is a testament to the power of a small group of citizens to effect change.