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We are embarking on a journey of self-discovery, relationships with peoples and cultures we have not known, and many experiences that will change our lives. We hope that you will click on the icon below to learn more about the experiences we are having during our SME's!

Why Spiritan Mission Experiences?  

In keeping with the Spiritan's ideals of "going to the poorest of the poor" in places no one else wants to go, Spritan Campus Ministry's Spiritan Mission Experiences (SME) introduce students to other cultures and the Spiritan way of life. SME's are faith-based community engagement opportunities that allow students to engage in service, cultural immersion and spiritual growth. Our trips are short-term experiences during Thanksgiving Break, Spring Break, and in the summer. 

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Join Us for an SME

SMEs are an opportunity for people from a variety of backgrounds, faiths and majors to come together for a common mission of service and to learn and share our faith and stories with each other and the communities where we work. Please take some time to read the trip descriptions (see links below) to see where your gifts, talents and interests align best. Following your application, we will schedule an interview with SCM staff and you will be placed based on a variety of factors in order to ensure the best experience for everyone on each experience. For more information on the application process or about the experiences, please contact Fr. Bill Christy.  

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