Frequently Asked Questions

What is there to do on campus?

Between concerts, plays and late night activities, there is plenty to do on campus whenever you are looking to hang out with your friends and have a good time. The Duquesne Program Council is a great source for campus entertainment as they often host comedians and put on weekly movie screenings for recently released titles. The NiteSpot (a hangout spot on the 1st Floor of the Duquesne Union) is also open until midnight (weekends until 1am) and caters to students with pool tables, ping pong tables, video game systems, computers, and big screen televisions. All of these facets of Student Life make Duquesne a great place to partake in good fun and unwind on a weeknight or weekend afternoon.

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What organizations can I get involved with?

Duquesne prides itself and making available many organizations and workshops to help develop leadership and networking skills that come into play later on within the "real-world" environment. The Center for Student Involvement coordinates all the Student Organizations on campus while working closely with Greek Life, Multicultural Affairs, Spiritan Campus Ministry, and Residence Life to comprise the "Duquesne Family."  Along with training in leadership and time management, student organizations at Duquesne offer many social opportunities to expand relationships with fellow students in a comfortable setting.

What are some things that set Duquesne apart from other colleges?

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What transportation is available?

Duquesne is now making available a shuttle that runs from the South Side to campus from 7am - 10pm, Monday thru Friday.  For further traveling, the Pittsburgh Port Authority offers bus passes that will get you to the Waterfront, which has a Costco, Michael's, Lowes, and many other stores, and to Station Square. If you are looking to travel even a further distance the MegaBus service is a cheap way to travel across the state and beyond.  The Pittsburgh International Airport is also a short drive away from campus, making even further trips less of a hassle.

Where do I go if I have a computer or technology question?

The Computer Store can meet all of your technological needs for college at a very discounted price! The Duquesne Computer Store, located on the 2nd Floor of the Student Union, offers many deals and discounts for Duquesne students at the beginning of the school year. Whether you are a Mac enthusiast or a PC fan, there is something to fit everyone's needs at this location.

Also, whenever a student is having any sort of trouble with technology on campus (whether it is the Duquesne computers, or a problem with his or her own laptop), Duquesne Computer and Technology Services (CTS) is there to offer a helping hand. CTS can offer a wide range of solutions for problems such as connecting to the internet on campus, trouble installing software, or simply getting your computer to work at optimum capacity.

What kind of recreation opportunities or fitness centers are available?

The Power Center is a recreational facility filled with things to do to stay in shape. Fitness opportunities include Club Sports, Intramural sports, Wellness Programs, and Group Fitness classes. One of the biggest events of the year is the Power Madness 3on3 Basketball Tournament during the month of March in the spirit of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. This competition brings in more and more participants every year and allows students to compete in a friendly environment. Other popular fitness activities include kickboxing, Zumba, spinning, Pilates, and yoga. With long hours, several free weight facilities, two full basketball courts, a mini track, a couple study rooms, and many group fitness studios, the Power Center is a hub for students to unwind, blow off some steam, and keep healthy.

Where can I eat on campus?

Dining at Duquesne offers students an extensive selections of eateries on campus. In the Duquesne Union, students can find Options Food Court on the 5th Floor where they serve wraps, fresh deli sandwiches, hot onion rings and fries. On the 1st Floor of the Union is The Incline, another favorite place to relax, watch television, eat pizza, made-to-order sandwiches or fresh salads. However, by far most heavily visited cafeteria is the Fr. Sean Hogan Dining Center on the 2nd Floor of Towers Living Learning Center. Here students take advantage of the all-you-can-eat buffet cooking and desserts. Other on-campus dining centers include the Red Ring Restaurant and several convenient store locations. With all the options spread across campus, no student ever goes hungry at Duquesne!

What ecumenical and interfaith opportunities are available?

Spiritan Campus Ministry is part of the Division of Mission and Identity and plays a significant roll in upholding the Duquesne ideals documented in the Mission Statement. Spiritan Campus Ministry is much more than a group of individuals or an agenda of programs or opportunities for service. It is the Spirit of Duquesne Universit; the Spirit that moves, that leads, that guides.

SCM serves all students, faculty and staff, whatever their faith, by helping them understand and engage the University mission and Spiritan tradition so they can share it with each other, their communities and the world beyond.

What are athletics like at Duquesne?

Under the direction of David Harper, Athletics at Duquesne have prospered into a nationally recognized force. The A.J. Palumbo Center, which has recently gone under a $1.8 million renovation, houses the Duquesne Dukes basketball team. Basketball at Duquesne had always been a student favorite due to the reputation of The Red and Blue Crew, the Duquesne's student section. In all, Duquesne has five men's sports and eight women's sports, all of which play in either NCAA Division I or Division I Subdivision (formerly Division I-AA). Rooney Field, located on Academic Walk, also plays host to many sporting events. Since this field is directly beside the most heavily traveled walkway, it lends to a very convenient experience since students don't have to go out of their way to watch a live football game. All in all, sports at Duquesne are a great way to show school spirit and cheer on your fellow students.

What leadership and service opportunities can students take advantage of?

The Center for Student Involvement is here to encourage students to get involved with the incredible amount of student organizations on campus. Just about every hobby or passion can be cultivated with the several interest groups offered at Duquesne. In order to get involved, it is as easy as looking up the student organization, contacting the campus advisor and arranging a meeting. From Greek Life and professional groups to tea-drinking and volunteering for the greater good, Duquesne has an organization for you.

What about performing arts on campus?

Groups such as the Duquesne Dance Team are examples of opportunities for students with background in performing arts can get involved doing what they love. The Duquesne University Red Masquers is also a group that is easy to get involved with.  The Red Masquers is proud to lay claim to being the oldest amateur theatre company in the city of Pittsburgh and . Known as the Red Masquers since 1914, the group traces its roots back to the late 1800s when Duquesne first started to offer an education in dramatics. Finally, the English Department also offers the opportunity to be apart of the The Medieval and Renaissance Players, a group dedicated to medieval and Renaissance drama.

Greek Life at Duquesne also offers several opportunities to display your dancing, singing or acting talents on stage with events such as Carnival and Greek Week. Carnival takes place during Homecoming of the Fall Semester and pairs up Fraternities and Sororities as they put on a performances full of synchronized dances and funny skits. Greek Week also hosts a night entitled Greek Sing where Greek Life organizations are paired up and put on a 10 minute theme performance of non-stop dancing and singing. These are two staple events in the Greek Life community at Duquesne and allow students to display Greek unity and Duquesne pride.

Where do I go if I am sick or injured?

Duquesne University is always putting the students first, especially when he or she is sick or injured enough that it is affecting his or her ability to learn. Health Services offers medical, mental health and wellness services.  Health Services is open weekdays by appointment and offers routine physical exams by physicians and nurse, allergy injections, emergency care, referrals, and nutrition counseling.  There is also a physician on call for after hours who can be accessed by calling the front desk of your Living Learning Center and identifying yourself as a Duquesne student.

What are the expectations of a Duquesne student?

The expectations of a Duquesne Student are outlined in the Student Handbook and are stressed during the annual Matriculation that every Freshman at Duquesne must partake in.  The expectations are as follows...

    • Read, understand and live out the values contained in the Mission Statement.
    • Build on the values you have received from those who love you and strive to meet their expectations.
    • Be diligent and sincere in your education, open to learning and change and strive for academic excellence.
    • Be honest and have integrity in all that you do.
    • Recognize the importance of service to others and our community.
    • Grow spiritually, preparing for life, not just a career.
    • Appreciate diversity, be welcoming to others.
    • Respect your body and avoid addictions.
    • Develop a sense of self around your ethical and spiritual values.
    • Develop friendships and know the value of teamwork.
    • Be proud of Duquesne, show school spirit and support University activities.
    • Be at peace, love God, your neighbor and yourself.