A Message from the Senior Vice President for Student Life

Dear Duquesne Student:

On behalf of the Division of Student Life, I would like to welcome you to Duquesne University. You are now a member of the Duquesne family. You will meet many fellow students from a variety of backgrounds, committed faculty, friendly and helpful staff during your years here. You will create friendships and lasting relationships that will help develop your course and path in life. Our University mission... "We serve God by serving our students" is what we strive for in our roles, in the classroom and within all areas of the Division of Student Life.

The staff in Student Life is here for you. I encourage you to introduce yourself, ask questions, be open to the many student programs and organizations Duquesne offers. You will be invited to participate in many activities on campus and within the Pittsburgh community or become a leader within a club or organization. These experiences along with your academic path will help you develop and grow from a Duquesne student to a Duquesne graduate and alum!! 

I wish you the very best experience and success through your years as a student of Duquesne University. 


Douglas K. Frizzell, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President for Student Life