The purpose of Alpha Delta shall be to assemble college men in a National Fraternal Order as envisioned by our spiritual founder Frank Reed Horton and the Boy Scouts of America. This Fraternity is dedicated to developing leadership among its brothers, forging the bonds of brotherhood regardless of race, creed or background and developing an understanding that service to mankind is not only an obligation, but a higher calling.

Alpha Delta is a National Fraternity that was founded out of a dire need to help keep young men out of trouble by holding before them a standard of manhood committed to service. The fraternity is dedicated to the cardinal principals of Leadership, Brotherhood, and Service, and was founded by 14 men representing 4 Universities in the Henley Park Hotel in Washington D.C on August 4, 2007. The fraternity currently has chapters at the University of Maine, Duquesne University, the University of Minnesota at Duluth, and the University of Maine at Machias. Yet while Alpha Delta has a high standard in service, it maintains many academic and social opportunities for its members.

While appearing to be a relatively new fraternity, Alpha Delta has history and traditions at Duquesne University dating back over 50 years. Formerly the Pi Chi Chapter of the Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, Pi Chi Chapter was chartered May 15, 1966 at Duquesne University. However, due to a split ideology between the Duquesne Chapter and the National Organization, Pi Chi Chapter seceded, joining more traditional chapters across the country in forming the Alpha Delta National Fraternity. With over 500 initiated alumni at Duquesne University alone, Alpha Delta is a historic part of the Duquesne University Greek Tradition.

Alpha Delta Fraternity Group