Benefits of "Going Greek"

"The language of friendship is not words, but meanings." ~ Henry David Thoreau

When you go Greek, it's not like joining a regular club or activity. It isn't a case of just showing up for a meeting once a month or getting together for one event each semester. With daily interaction and constant opportunities for leadership within the chapter, fraternities and sororities lay the groundwork for engaged citizenship and developing networking skills.

Brotherhood and Sisterhood

There are many popular terms connected with Greek Life, two of which are brotherhood and sisterhood. When you share rituals, traditions, and unforgettable experiences with your brothers and sisters, you truly develop a sense of family that's unlike any other. These relationships will be lifelong friendships.

A fraternity brother or sorority sister is someone who will encourage you to succeed, support you when things are going well, and listen when you are having problems--offering unconditional support.

At the heart of these friendships and interactions are the traditions within each chapter. Although each fraternity and sorority has different founding values, you'll find some words come up again and again in all Greek organizations:


These strong basic beliefs have long been a part of college communities across the United States, and are key contributors to the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood that over seven million members have enjoyed.

Recruitment: Rush

To get to know members in Greek chapters, and decide which one to join, students can take part in recruitment. The recruitment period known as "Rush", is when all fraternities and sororities host their membership drives. At Duquesne...

  • Fall recruitment is for the upper class and transfer students only.
  • Freshmen participate in Spring recruitment.

Parent Information

For potential sorority parents, information can be found here about Sorority life and it's benefits.

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