Charles R. Schwab

Sigma Nu

Charles Walgreen, III

Delta Sigma Phi

Owner of Walgreens Drug Stores

Colonel Sanders

Pi Kappa Alpha

Conrad Hilton

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Founder of Hilton Hotels

Dave Thomas

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Founder of Wendy's

Dean Witter

Delta Kappa Epsilon

Co-founder of Morgan Stanely Dean Witter

Howard Heinz

Delta Kappa Epsilon

Founder of Heinz, Inc.

Jerry Nelson

Phi Kappa Psi

Founder of Ticketmaster

Jim Perdue

Lambda Chi Alpha

CEO Perdue Chicken

JP Morgan

Delta Kappa Epsilon

Founder of JP Morgan

Lex Wexner

Sigma Alpha Mu

Chairman of The Limited, Structure, Express and Bath and Body Works

Oscar Mayer

Alpha Chi Rho

Founder of Oscar Mayer Meats, Inc

Paul Allaire

Phi Kappa Theta

President and CEO of Xerox

Paul Allen

Phi Kappa Theta

Co-founder of Microsoft

Robert J. Wise

Theta Chi Rho

Founder of Wise Potato Chips, Co. S.

Truett Cathy

Pi Kappa Alpha

Founder/CEO Chick-Fil-A

Sidney Sheinberg

Sigma Alpha Mu

President of MCA/Universal

Tom Johnson

Sigma Nu


William Harrison, Jr.

Zeta Psi

CEO-JP Morgan Chase

William Randolph Hearst

Delta Kappa Epsilon

Newspaper Publisher

William Rasmussen

Lambda Chi Alpha

Founder of ESPN

William Wrigley

Delta Kappa Epsilon

Founder of Wrigley Company

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