Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC)

The GPSC is a community of Duquesne University graduate students. All graduate and professional students are automatically members of the GPSC. We hold monthly meetings to discuss issues and concerns of graduate students, get to know fellow students, and to support each other. While all graduate students are encouraged to attend GPSC meetings and events, each department must have at least one student signed in/in attendance at each meeting to be considered "in good standing" with GPSC. GPSC representatives also serve as the graduate student representatives on university administrative committees including the Graduate Council, Library Council, Student Government Association, etc. GPSC will therefore also discuss any concerns or questions from the university administration to provide them with an overall response from the graduate and professional students.

Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week April 5-9, 2021

This spring Duquesne University joins the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students in celebrating the contributions, impact, and value of our graduate and professional students bring to our community. The Graduate Council, GPSC, and units across campus have collaborated to offer a variety of opportunities the week of April 5-9.

Thank you, students, for your excellence in scholarship and teaching, your collegiality, and your creativity. We're so grateful you are part of Duquesne University!

View the activities for the week.