The Duquesne Program Council (DPC) allocates funding to recognized student organizations throughout the academic year. To obtain the funds necessary to support your gorup you will need to plan ahead, and follow the proper procedures. For more information about receiving funding for your organization, please reveiw the following informaiton:

Appropriations occurs in mid-November for programs to be implemented during the following Spring semester, and in mid-April for programs to be implemented during the following Fall semester. Organizations will be contacted when Program Proposal Forms are available. If you are planning a large-scale event, and would like to ensure proper funding, be sure to complete a Program Proposal Form for Appropriations.

Special Needs funding is available throughout the year for those organizations that did not participate in the Appropriations process. 

DUWeekends funding is available to student organizations, Resident Assistants and Commuter Assistants that are interested in sponsoring an event on a Thursday or Friday Night (from 8:00pm-Midnight), or any time during the day on Saturday or Sunday.

Organizational Development funding available to student organizations for group-related needs, such as induction ceremonies, networking events, organization speakers, t-shirts, etc.

Club Sports organizations may receive funding for team-related expenses. 

To get started, log-in to DORI/Campus Link and visit the DPC page to complete a Program Proposal Form. Once you have submitted your Program Proposal Form, the DPC Finance Director will contact you with further information.

Please note that Duquesne Program Council has a limited budget, and either can not fund, or fully fund, all events.