Members of the 47th Senate after a General Meeting of the Senate.

Student Government Association

About the SGA

As the official governing body that represents the students of Duquesne University, the Student Government Association (SGA) acts as the liaison between students and the university. Its members meet regularly with university administration and other university committees to keep them informed about student concerns and opinions.
In addition to being the representative voice of the students, the SGA also offers its students a wide variety of services and opportunities.

Some of the SGA's services include:
  • Having representatives from each of the Academic Schools represent their constituents' needs and concern in the Senate
  • Providing organizations with conference funding through Conference Appropriations, held once per semester
  • Granting access to the Student Organization Resource Center (SORC)
  • Hosting Night of Lights
  • Funding the Loop Bus - that run on Friday and Saturday nights and travel to either 1) Oakland 2) Waterfront and 3) South Side
    [UPDATE FOR FALL 2021 SEMESTER - The Loop Bus will not be operating for the immediate future due to the ongoing situation with the South Side in addition to issues with the operators of the bus service. Please stay tuned for any potential updates.]
  • Provide access to academic text books through the Student Book Loan Program
  • Having your concern brought to the attention of administration
  • Host events throughout the year allowing students to share their questions/concerns
  • Maintaining a collaborative and active membership with the Pittsburgh Student Government Council (PSGC), which is a collection of Pittsburgh Universities that united to help further the voice of students in Pittsburgh 
  • Accessibility to all students who have new ideas they would like to try to see happen at Duquesne
  • Lobby for student rights, issues, and opinions to the city and state

The Student Government Association is the a great organization for every student! There are many opportunities to take on a wide variety of leadership roles, each with different amounts of time commitment. Even if you are not interested in assuming a leadership role, participating in the SGA will keep you up-to-date on what other student organizations are doing, what decisions and topics are affecting Duquesne students, and all the new initiatives happening on campus and in the surrounding community.