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SGA History

For many years Student Government existed at Duquesne without any publicity nor as one continuous form. In the spring of 1961, Duquesne found itself with no student body government; the old body had simply folded due to lack of interest. However, in the fall of 1962, Walter Scheer and Rose Kelly wrote a constitution for a “Student Congress.” This was a significant step for the beginning of student government at Duquesne. For once, there was an organization capable of holding itself together for a long period of time. The “Congress,” however, had a very complex structure, which needed to be simplified. In 1972, Student Congress was renamed the Student Government Association. The Student Government Association has since been playing an active role as part of Duquesne's growing community.

Administrative Liaison

Duquesne's Administration has always had a reputation for dealing fairly with students. Both students and administrators have a relationship built on mutual respect, an ability to communicate honestly, and responsiveness to student needs and concerns. However, these authorities maintain a very busy schedule and as much as they would like, they cannot possibly have direct contact with every student. Fortunately, such contact is not necessary because of the existence of the Student Government Association. As the official governing body representing the students, a major responsibility of SGA is to inform the administration about student concerns and opinions. The duty of presenting the student opinions often falls upon the members of the Executive Board. These five members are elected by the entire student body. Anyone registered for classes at Duquesne is given the right to vote for these members of the Executive Board.

Student Government is also comprised of senators representing various schools at Duquesne. The number of senators representing each school is based on enrollment at that school. The Student Government Association's Senators and Executive Board members know and understand that their primary role is to serve as the voice of the students for the following Academic year. They go out of their way to gather student opinions and are always willing to listen to fellow students' suggestions involving campus life. SGA's goal is to represent and strive to meet the needs of all students at Duquesne.