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Student Book Loan Program

The Duquesne University Student Book Loan Program is a student-driven initiative by the Student Government Association (SGA) that seeks to assist in purchasing University Core Curriculum textbooks for all Duquesne University students.

Mindful of the financial burden students may face when purchasing textbooks, the SGA designed this program to help alleviate part of the financial burden that many college students face.

This initiative exemplifies the Duquesne Mission of "serving God by serving others" by providing a service to all students throughout the Duquesne University community.  

To find out which books are available through the Student Book Loan Program, please email us at sga@duq.edu or visit the Circulation Desk on the 4th floor of Gumberg Library.

How to access the books?

  1. Visit the Circulation Desk at Gumberg Library and request to utilize a specific book from the Book Loan Program collection.

  2. Students are able to utilize the textbook on a two-hour interval, which can be easily extended once the allotted time passes.

  3. Students then return the textbook to the Circulation Desk.

Students are able to utilize the Student Book Loan Program textbooks as often as they are available - during all hours that Gumberg Library is open.

Student Book Loan Program textbooks must stay in Gumberg Library and are not able to be checked out and removed from the library.