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Conference Appropriations

SGA is able to financially assist student organziations to attend conferences through the Conference Appropriations process. Conference Appropriations are held once per semester, at which time student organizations may request funding for conferences that their members may be attending.

When seeking funding from SGA, you must also seek funding from your department or school (if applicable) and documentation must be provided with the application. A representative must then present their funding request before the SGA Finance Committee at the scheduled Conference Appropriations. Upon approval from the Senate your organization will be contacted with an allocation.

To request Conference funding, download and fill out all paperwork from the Student Government Association page on CampusLink - found in the Conference Appropriations folder, and return by the designated due date (listed on the forms).

There are four forms and documents, all of which are included in the packet on CampusLink
- S.G.A. Conference Appropriations Disclaimer (in packet)
- S.G.A. Conference Appropriations Process Outline (in packet)
- S.G.A. Conference Request Form (in packet)
- S.G.A. Conference Attendance Agreement Form 

Please prepare the documents and read them thoroughly. As always, please realize that not every organization may be allocated funding, and it is up to the SGA Finance Committee to make that judgment. 

If you have questions or concerns about the Conference Appropriations process, please email us at sga@duq.edu or reach out to our VP of Finance.