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Scholarship Descriptions

Harry L. McCloskey Memorial Award
The Harry L. McCloskey Memorial Award is named for a former Vice President of Students Services and Dean of Students at Duquesne University.   He was very supportive and encouraging of students volunteering their time and energy in service to the campus community. In essence, this award is made to reward those who have rendered such volunteer service.

Coalhouse Scholarship
The Coalhouse Scholarship is named for the character Coalhouse Walker, Jr. from the novel “Ragtime” by E.L. Doctrow.  Throughout the novel, Coalhouse Walker is an example of an American man crossing social barriers and fighting to bring forth a newly defined American dream.  This award is available to students who demonstrate “a spirit to make this a fair world for all people,” through community involvement, volunteerism, and activism.

James V. Donatelli Endowed Scholarship
The James V. Donatelli Endowed Scholarship is a newly established scholarship which recognizes excellence in service to the community and leadership through the Duquesne University Volunteers.